Chartley Plaza

319 Tremont Street (Rte. 118)

Rehoboth, MA 02769

(508) 226-7500

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Hanshi & Shihan John

Shihan John began training in the Martial Arts with Shihan Larry Sullivan in May 1992 and received his 1st Degree Black Belt in March of 1996.


Our Black Belts & Coaches

USA KARATE - Rehoboth opened its doors on September 1, 2006.
Eleven years later we have impacted the lives of many students and many students have impacted our lives.

Shihan John Agostini proudly presents the Black Belts from USA KARATE - Rehoboth


Our Programs

Our class structure is designed so that students train with other students of the same age and skill level. We also offer mixed rank classes allowing students of all ranks to train together.

With the added help of our SWAT (Special Winning Attitude Team)
The SWAT Program is open to any student who consistently demonstrates an excellent attitude along with solid Martial Art skills. Team members are trained to be effective instructors and leaders in their community!



USA KARATE focuses not only on self-defense techniques, but also on the nature of conflicts and how we can avoid or resolve them peacefully.

  • The Benefits of Martial Arts Training with USA KARATE

    All instuctors are Certified Black Belts and are CPR/First Aid/AED certified.

  • Positive Self-Image

    Studying the Martial Arts is an excellent way to improve your self-image and build self-esteem.

  • Courage to Overcome Fear

    Martial Arts training develops confidence leading to courage in overcoming your fears.

  • Discipline & Self-Respect

    The philosophy of Martial Arts teaches students to always have respect for themselves as well as respecting others.

  • Great Physical Conditioning

    Regular class attendance in our Martial Arts programs will result in stress reduction, improved health and a strong physical condition.

  • Quality Self-Defense Skills

    Our self-defense skills are realistic and practical. Our techniques have been tried and tested and have proven to be effective in today’s world.

One More Thing

Check out our classes in actions using our social media links bellow! Experience our classes in action by exploring our webpage “videos and photos”. Click away to see full classes on our youtube page by clicking the link below. Interested or want to know more, click the button to the right to receive more information on our Dojo.